People Will Treat You How You Let Them

It’s hard to know when to let go especially when it’s someone you love and someone you want to know that you care and will always be there for them. There does come a point when your good nature will be tested.. what will you do? 

We will have to stand up to someone in our lives whom we love. Just because we love them, doesn’t mean we should let them take advantage of us. First of all ,if they really do csre about you like they say, they will not take advantage of you . They won’t treat you as an option. If someone likes you , you will know.. just like how you know when someone doesn’t like you. It’s not hard to figure out, you just know and don’t have to play the guessing games. If you have to play guessing games, it’s not off to a good start either.

We allow bad behaviour to go on for so long from people we love. We feel if we call them out on it, they won’t like us anymore or they won’t want to be apart of our lives. Why would we even want someone like that to be apart of our lives anyway ? Do we hope one day they will change if we show them “enough love?” First of all, if you have to prove yourself continuously, that’s a red flag. It should be a mutual thing with loved ones . 

There comes a point when you must put an end to the toxic behavior . You may not be sure exactly when to draw the line. You put it off and say it wasn’t that serious or make an excuse. Each time you let toxic behavior slide, it will continue and simply because you keep allowing it to. It’s not our fault people act the way they do, but it is our fault if we keep allowing this behavior to happen to us. We have the power to choose when we no longer want to put up with this anymore. Then of course we fall b sck into the what if’s… well realisticly , the what if’s are not happening. You need to be present and aware of the current moment you’re in. We’re talking about right now and the current toxic behavior.

Think if this was anyone else that was acting this way towards you. Would you tolerate it? Why or why Not? If someone was telling you about someone they know that is like this, what would be your advice for them? Now, why can’t you put this towards yourself and follow your own advice ? We hope it will be different next time , but what steps are we taking to make it different next time? Are we only hoping things will change ? 

Just because you love someone,  doesn’t mean your feelings don’t matter. You have a right to feel the way you do. It doesn’t make it right for someone to hurt you over and over and you allow it because you love them. You may feel you can’t give up on this soul, but you can only do so much before you lose yourself in the process . It happens slowly where you won’t even realize you’re different and not in a good way. 

Bottom line, if someone is treating you wrong, it’s teaching you how to stand up for yourself . Once you stand up to the one you love most, you know you can face and stand up to anyone. You won’t tolerate any bs from anyone ! It’s an important lesson and you shouldn’t feel bad because point blank if someone does genuinely like you, care for you , YOU WILL KNOW. you won’t have to guess…yoh won’t have to Google search why they’re acting the way they are. The way they’re acting is the answer right in front of you! We just don’t want to see it or accept it . We make excuses and live the illusion. When someone likes you, they will make time for you , not excuses. You won’t have to be the only one working for it to work out. It must be mutual. One can’t be doing all the work.

You need to respect yourself and treat yourself with love. If you’re allowing someone to make you feel bad, you’re hurting yourself. You don’t deserve to be treated like nothing. You’re not an option. You should not tolerate anything less than you deserve. No one deserves to be treated badly. You have the power to put an end to it. You can’t stop their behavior , but you can stop yourself from allowing it. 


It’s All A Test 

Sometimes life will throw everything you want your way just so it can snatch it right back. It teaches you something. The question is, What? 

There are many lessons we have to learn in this life . We can only learn by change and heartache because it promotes growth. Without change and bad experience, we wouldn’t grow. We would remain the same which would be pointless. At some point, we have to leave our comfort zone. We may not be able to do that on our own, so we are forced by the universe . We go through a tough experience , but come out stronger and learn from it. 

Life will give you a taste of exactly what you want. It may feel so close to you. You may almost be able to touch it, but then before you can tell stop, it’s gone. It’s a test to see how you will react once you have what you thought you wanted. It’s a test to your personality and your lifestyle. Perhaps you had invisiond what life would be like with a certain someone, but you still have some internal work to achieve on yourself beforehand . You will be given a sample, a taste of what or who you may desire , but then they will be taken away.

You reflect on the situation and  analyze every detail. Could it be you need to learn to be more assertive before you can see this person? Maybe you have a tendency to be too nice to people because you love them.. if that’s the case, the universe will pick up on that frequency, and make it their mission to teach you to stand up for yourself. They will give you a glimpse of this person, and then have some type of toxic situation occur so you can decide to be assertive or once again let someone take advantage of your good nature . 

The same situations will continue to occur until you solve them. It’s all a test. It’s a test to see if you are really learning anything from the first time around . Of course we will make excuses saging someone has changed ect…. maybe they have! But obviously we haven’t if we are still in the same mind set. It’s not always about the other person. It could be just as much us as it is the other person. We may still have a lot of internal work to do to prepare for our next encounter with someone or something we desire . 

Before jumping into anything , feel confident about your decision first. You can’t go back and fix what’s already done.


We are all being guided daily to make sure we are safe and learning from our daily experiences. We go through many different feelings throughout the day, some more extreme than others. Eventually you’ll get this strong , burning desire to do something that you just can’t shake off. That’s your angels, spirit guides speaking to you and saying now is the time.

Do you go through life feeling you’re not living up to your full potential ? Do you feel like you’ll never make it to where you think you’re supposed to be? Are you still trying to win approval from everyone ? Stop. People will judge you if you’re doing good or bad. All that matters is how you feel. Does it feel right what you’re doing? Do you need to make changes ? Only you can answer that.

There comes a time where we need to evaluate ourselves and how we’re living our lives. When we have a burning desire to achieve something, it’s part of our soul mission and we must do it. It is why we came here. Forget all you learned from society, getting a career, then marriage , childern ect… unless of course you feel a strong desire to complete that mission. There is no right or wrong way to live your life, as long as it truly feels right to you. 

In order to live the life you feel is right, you need to let go of seeking approval and doing what society want a you to. You have come here for a specific purpose. We forget about this because we get so involved in the human existence. We forget we’re a soul, a magical soul just currently living in human form. We must use it to the best of our ability and treat ourselves with love and respect. 

The importance of all of this is to feel completely comfortable in your life path . You and only you will feel if what you’re doing is right, which is why no one’s approval is needed. What you do will not make sence to everyone because each person has their own specific life path. Some souls are younger and some are much older and have lived and been through many lives and have gained so much knowledge. You know what you like, you know what feels right for you, so slowly take steps each day to get closer to your souls mission. 

The main key factor is knowing what you have come here to do, and going for it no matter what anyone says. Remember that even ones you love may not understand your path, but they are also on their own journey and that’s okay. Focus on your path and do what feels right to you and you can never go wrong . Each experience teaches us something we need to know…. we may not want to learn these lessons , but is necessary for our souls growth. 

What Money Doesn’t Teach You

Writing this from a mountain top today. (Tempe, AZ) 

I learned from my life so far what money can and cannot buy. It can buy you things to make you temporarily happy. It can provide you with almost anything depending how much you have. Some people are just handed money and materialistic items in their life. I’ve learned that people with so much money are not even as happy as they may seem. We think people who have tons of money have it all together, but I’ve learned it’s such the opposite .

Throughout my life I have had to earn and work for everything I have. I use to imagine it would be nice to just have things handed to me. I’m so thankful I’ve had to work for anything I wanted and needed because it taught me things money cannot teach you . 

First I learned that when you work for something, you’ve earned it yourself . You know understand the value of the item you now own. Most people don’t appreciate what they have because they had it handed to them and they don’t understand the value of something. When you put it the hard work and effort to afford something , you understand the value of it. You put in the long hours and hard work to get what you wanted. You will now cherish that item. 

The second thing I learned was that having to work for what you want and need doesn’t always add up. You may not be able to afford expensive cars or homes, but you’re able to see what you need and not what you want. You understand more of wants and needs and it fades out the ego. You know you can make do without extra items just because they seem cool or everyone has them. 

The most important thing I learned was that people who are handed everything and are able to get a free ride or any type of advantage over you in life in school or work ect, they will never know what I’ve learned about life. I’ve learned what it takes to survive. I’ve learned what actually makes me happy because I had to find myself and go off on my own. I realized what life’s about and how everyone has their own journey to follow and different karmic lessons to learn. I wouldn’t be who I am today if I as just handed everything.

I rather hsve it hard and carry the knowledge I’ve learned, than be handed everything and knowing nothing. In the end, we don’t take money, cars, or fancy looking degrees to the next life. We take our knowledge with us. Our soul only needs what we learn from lessons and experiences. If you have a good heart and realize the true meaning in life, you’re the richest person alive.

I’m thankful for each good and bad experience in my life because it made me strong and fearless . I learned so many things I could have never learned if I had a free ride to life. Tough times make you strong and realize things money won’t buy. If you didn’t have money, what is the type of person you would be? You would like that person?

Take care….

What Love Is

Love. It’s thrown around so much.. people say they fall in and out of love, but if you can fall out of love, was it really even Love? 

Love is an action. It’s a strong feeling . Love doesn’t die. When you love someone, you never stop. Maybe you break up with someone, you don’t stop loving them. Your marriage ends, but you still may love them. You continuously care about the other person and want to make sure they’re okay. That’s what love is . 

Love is when you fight with someone, don’t agree with them, but accept it, and still love them. This person can be toxic for you,but you can still love them . You don’t and shouldn’t tolerate toxic behavior . No one deserves that. You can still have love for that person , but need to have respect for yourself and walk away. You cannot provide the type of help someone else needs if they’re abusive in anyway or emotionally unstable. It’s possible to still love someone from a distance.

Love is also when you no longer hangout with someone anymore , but you still help them out if they need it. You’re still always there for them no matter what. This is unconditional love. No matter what , you will csre for this person even if it’s not healthy for you to remain in contact with them, you won’t wish hate on them, but you will only wish them the best and pray for them. When you love someone , just because the relationship didn’t work out, or you got mad at one another ,you don’t wish any hate towards them. You still love them and care for them, simply because you love them.

There is no one type of love. You can fall in love with anyone at anytime , situations, anything . Love is so magical and so powerful. Some people only think love is between families or a romantic relationship , but it’s so much more than that. Love never dies,  love is for eternity.

I Lived For A Reason

Wake up calls. We will receive them, but only after a near death experience or traumatic event we under go. It happens to make us truly realize that our life could end at any minute of any day. 

When something life changing happens to us, it wakes us up, it hits us hard. It makes us truly see things differently. We reflect deeply on how we’ve been living our lives. Have we been living with meaning, have we been just walking through life mindlessly..? This major event happend to shake us and make us see that there is  no time to waste! 

It takes a traumatic event to really change our outlook on life, which is why it happens. Don’t fight it! Don’t give into ego.  Many people will tell you that you’re feeling this way because you’re afarid and that it will pass..they’ll tell you to just get on with your life. Why? What if we really woke up from this and want to make changes? Maybe we’re not happy with how we’ve been living and this experience made our mind wake up and see it!

This happend for a reason and we should not ignore it! People are diagnosed everyday with life threatening illnesses and once or if they recover , do they go back to their *normal* lives? They see life as a gift, a miracle! Life is such a precious gift and so many take it for granted and act entitled to be here. Be thankful each day you wake up! Tonight , could be someone’s last night here. 

Your experience taught you something . Learn from it and do not fight it. Don’t listen to what anyone else says about your experience or how you feel. You’re allowed to feel how you do, and if others won’t try and understand , that says much about them. Each thing happens to us for a reason. It takes terrifying events sometimes to make us realize what we need to, but you’re alive right now, so don’t wait another moment.

Stay well….

Let Go, what’s meant will flow 

We’re at the eve of the new year! We made it a whole year once again! This bring a new intentions and desires our way. It’s also a time of releasing all that holds us back. If someone or something is toxic and causing you pain, let it go…

What’s meant for you will naturally flow. You won’t need to chase it down or force it. It’s important to focus on you and why you’re here. Everyone has their own journey to focus on which is why we can’t compare ourselves to others. We all have different karmic relationships to balance out. We should help lift one another as a team, a family . Don’t let ego get the better of you!

As were entering the new year, it’s a great time to focus on yourself and your goals. Know that whoever is meant to be in your life, will be. Keep in mind how magical the universe is and that you’re made of magic. You’re apart of the universe and anything could happen! Reflect on your last situations and yourself and behaviours . Reflect on what you want to achieve this up coming year and focus on the best version of yourself you could be! 

Don’t ever feel bad about not letting toxic people and relationships in your life . You’re not obligated to be the same person you were 20 min ago, months ago, or even years ago. You’re allowed and have the right to constantly grow and change ! It’s all apart of life. Also keep in mind that when someone does something, it reflects on who they are and has nothing to do with you. We’re all still working on solving our own problems and dealing with situations in life constantly . We’re all here to learn and nothing or no one is perfect.

This new year, remember to just be yourself with no apology . You don’t have to be the same person you always were. You don’t have to always be the people pleaser. You can do so much and someine still wouldn’t think it’s enough. You’re more than enough and you should show some love to yourself for a change! Work on you, and practice self love. Learn how to take care of yourself and really learn about you! 

Just like the universe , we are constantly expanding.  We will learn so much and release all toxins. We will continue to grow and learn so much ! Don’t fight change, it’s essential to growth and why we’re here. Don’t force people to stay in your life , it’s not worth it, it’s toxic , and if it’s truly meant to be, it will be. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes people need to leave our lives for a bit to find themselves and learn a few things. The universe is so magical and all things are connected….

Everyone we meet has reason as to why we met them.. every situation teaches us something… every emotion we have, helps us learn more about ourselves…. Everything is energy and energy never dies. Death is a myth. Live freely and continue to grow. . . .

Happy New Year’s Eve ! ! ! 

Let Bad Situations Lift You

We’ve all been there. We’ve been fired out of the blue, lost friends out of nowhere, been stood up, had someone we love just lose all interest in us, and when we finally feel we are getting “on track” the track breaks. I’ve finally learned it’s not a permanent situation and you have to learn from this and let it push you forward . 

Bad things will always happen because it’s apart of life. Without bad things occurring , we would never learn anything . It’s nice to stay in our comfort zone and have it easy, but it’s not always better or beneficial that way. You have to push through the bad times and keep moving forward. Don’t let this defeat you. We all have set back, but  we have control on how we overcome them.  

Take a little time to break down about it. Then pick yourself back up and move forward. Become better, grow from this situation. See the good in everything that happens. Don’t let whatever happend ruin your whole day. Take a few moments to reflect on what happend, and then gather yourself and move onward! You’ve made it through things you never thought you would, and you’ll overcome this as well. 

The tough part is cloursure. We feel we can’t go on without it. Here’s the truth, if someone doesn’t give reason, they’re hiding a secret as to why and they’re not brave enough to say it. Do you really want to keep that toxicity in your life? Hell no! Move the fuck on and over that shit! You got no time for That! Once you move forward and see the better things you can achieve in life, you’ll feel better and probably look back and laugh. It’s called growth and takes some time, but so worth it.

Now besides closure ,sometimes we did something that we can’t undue . It happens. Learn from it and move on. We are all here to make mistakes and learn from them, it’s part of why our soul is here. It hurts because sometimes we won’t be able to give an explanation from our actions. It’s okay though because in our next life we will get that chance . Right now, it’s partly teaching us to just accept what is, and then let go. No explanation , no closure , just accept it and let go. Not easy, but necessary . Then one day you’ll get the chance . Who knows, you may even run into this person at the store months later. (Spirit is funny like that) 

Until then, learn and grow as much as you can. Don’t chase or force anything or anyone. What’s meant for you will be. Everything happens for a reason. Just trust the process even when you don’t understand it because bottom line, we’re all basically childern souls learning how things work. Nobody here is perfect. Perfect is an illusion. Also, if someone doesn’t give you a chance to explain yourself , that says a lot about them and not you!

God blesss 

Spiritual growth over societies growth 

We live in a society that mainly puts focus on the material aspects in life. People only see growth as in, developing new skills that are accustomed to your job, making more money to buy expensive vehicles and houses. This is what society sees as growth. If you don’t meet their standards , they consider you below them. It’s superficial bs! If all you have and care about are materialistic items, then you don’t have much at all!

First off, let me start by saying no one, and I mean no one, is better or worse than anyone! It doesn’t matter what you have or where you live because it truly doesn’t t mean shit. The house you live in doesn’t make who you are, and neither does the car you drive. I find it funny how it’s usually the ones who have less items are friendlier than ones who have more materialistic things. 

I feel like the people who have “less” are the ones who truly have the most. They’re greatful for all that’s on their life, and see the true meaning. I’m not saying this is true for every person in the two categories I’m talking about by the way. I’m talking about what I have noticed and my own opinion. 

Now back to our own growth vs society. Societies growth is superficial. They may make you feel as if you haven’t grown at all. The truth is, think of all that you’ve been through along the months and years, and notice how much you’ve changed . You’ve improved so much to where you see and do things differently and forthe better. That is true growth! This is the kind of growth you carry along with you your whole life and beyond. You don’t take your materialistic items to the other life with you . 

I’m not saying it’s bad to have materialistic items, but I’m saying it doesn’t determine who you are. If you want that expensive car, you have the right to purchase it. It’s just society only focuses on what we have as “growth” which is such a  low graded stereotype! What you have and how much of it, doesn’t amount to how much you’ve grown. True growth comes from life lessons and from within. 

We learn each day, and each situation teaches us something that helps us to grow. We carry these lessons along with us from life and beyond. Always remember when you feel beat down by society how much you’ve truly grown and learned because that’s what truly counts. Be greatful to realize you see this while everyone else thinks they’re number one because they just bout a new car or became “higher” in a job position. Again, not saying that doesn’t matter ,but it doesn’t determine your spiritual growth and it doesn’t define who you are. There’s more to life than what we do on the daily. 

Is it all written in the stars? 

Destiny. A very interesting topic which can’t be confirmed if it’s true or not. Do you believe if certain things are suppose to happen, they will? Do you think you have a little bit of say on how something could happen ? 

We never really know what’s going to happen to us or anyone around us. We make plans and follow them through with small, daily tasks. We don’t think much about what could go wrong. When something does go wrong, it makes us think about things in a much deeper way. Are certain things just inevitable ? 

If certain things are inevitable, do you think we have a small say in how something happens ? Say destiny says you’re going to die at a certain age on a specific day. Depending on your lifestyle , do you believe you have some advantage on how you die that die, or was it all suppose to happen that way? Like were we suppose to have the thoughts we do, in order to create the life we have, in order to teach us all the lessons we’re learning now? 

What do you think we have a say on, if we even have a say? This brings us back to the whole “soul contract ” thing where before you even came to this life ,you made a soul contract on the lessons you were going to learn here in this life, including all the people you were going to meet. We get so lost and caught up in our human agenda, where we forget about our spiritual path and the real purpose of life and why we’re here. 

We may have plans to go far in life and to live to a certain age, but destiny doesn’t care about plans. This is why it’s important to follow your passions because that is your purpose and why you’re here. Why do you think you like the random things you like… for a reason! To share it with the world . Our ego self wants to live for so long and have all the materialistic things, while the soul is here on a mission. 

We need to find balance in between these two. We have to surrender and not let ego take over. Our soul is here to complete something , and once that mission is complete, the soul moves on. Isn’t it interesting how so many people pass on right after they finished something important , that they were working on for awhile…. this is why she doesn’t really matter, because when the soul is ready, it’s ready. Some are in great health and die young, and some are not in the best of shape, and die older. 

Are the cards already delt for us by fait….